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About me

Thank you for visiting my website. You can find here all information about the PC service, website programming projects during the last years, as well as information about me.


The portfolio includes all my homepage programming projects both for clients and friends.

PC service

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  ||||| Persönliche Angaben
Name Stefan Edelmann
Birthday 30. October 1990
Place of birth Mannheim
Adress Edingen-Neckarhausen
  ||||| Education
09/1997 - 07/2001 Hubäcker-Grundschule in Hockenheim
09/2001 - 06/2011 J.-S.-Bach-Gymnasium in Mannheim-Neckarau
Since 09/2012 Faculty of Information Technology, Degree program: Telecommunications / Electronics, bachelor of Science University of Applied Sciences Mannheim, Germany
  • Planspiel Börse 2008
  • Intel-Leibniz-Challenge 2009 (participated with success)
  • Eurobot 2013 (With Team "Greenbirds" of University of Applied Sciences Mannheim)
  • Zirkus-AG of J.S.B-Gymnasium in Mannheim
  • Web-AG (Homepage-AG); support of various parts of website of J.S.-Bach-Gymnasiums
  • Theater-AG at J.S.B-Gymnasium in Mannheim
  • Abiturzeitungs-Komitee at J.S.B-Gymnasium
  • Coach and leader of Ringtennis-AG at J.S.B-Gymnasium
  • Participation on “Projectmanagement“ and „technology and law“ at the University of Applied Sciences Mannheim, Germany
  ||||| Internships
period of Time 19.22.2007 - 10.26.2007
activity PC-Service, EDV-department
company Fuchs Europe Schmieröl GMBH Mannheim
period of Time 10.3.2008 - 10.24.2008
activity Activity in day care
company Altenheim St. Elisabeth in Hockenheim
period of Time 02.01.2014 - 09.15.2014
activity Automation of industrial plants with Siemens PCS7
company KEB Industrietechnik GmbH in Neckargemuünd, Germany
  ||||| secondary activities
2008 - 2012 temporary help in 'Kletterwald Speyer'
06/2011 - 10/2011 permanently employed in Kletterwald Speyer, after this period temporary help because of study.
since 2010 Department manager and Trainer of youth training since 2010 on a voluntary basis
since 2011 Foundation of Stefan Edelmann PC service:
- Homepage programming for several clients,
- PC-instructor,
- Reparation, optimization and installation of PCs
2012-2013 Eurobot 2013, participation in the annual championship with robot team “Greenbirds" of the university of Applied Sciences Mannheim, Germany)
  ||||| personal interests
  • PSG Mannheim: department Ringtennis (World championship 2010 and 2012)
  • DLRG Mannheim (live guard silver)
private seminars
  • ADAC-Fahrsicherheitstraining „intensiv“ 2010
  • 2-day photoworkshop 2009 (DSLR & Photoshop)
  • Training for climbing rescuers in Kletterwald Speyer


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