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About me

Thank you for visiting my website. You can find here all information about the PC service, website programming projects during the last years, as well as information about me.


The portfolio includes all my homepage programming projects both for clients and friends.

PC service

Are you interested in getting to know more about my work and offers?
You can read more about it here.

About me

Several days / weeks I have spent to create this site. But the most difficult thing was to write all these texts on my website, especially this part!

How to write the content of this page so that it does not totally mainstream and boring?

Okay... I just begin:

On the picture to the right you can see my girlfriend Susan Kaltschmidt and myself in holiday (Italy 2012).
We met us in the spring 2012 semester at a foreign event of the University of Mannheim, which I visit since September 2011 ... from abroad semester, however, was nothing to this day!

The time until 2011

I visited the Bach-Gymnasium in Mannheim-Neckarau. There I was next to the school obligations and otherwise very active: I attended for years the WEB-AG, circus-AG and the school theater group. I also led the Tenniquoits AG as coaches and support staff to the training at the club PSG Mannheim.
Therefore, my school was so very dear to my heart, that I spent there a total of 10 years of my life.

My Hobby's...

here may not be missing. A nice evening with my best friends is almost impossible to beat! It doesn't matter how this evening is used. There are many ways to fill it with program ... either bowling, go-karting, eating out or just a movie or poker night.

My Family...

my family has always supported me today in all my activities and projects and was / is always there for me.
It's nice that I can count on always.
Therefore, I would like to express a very special thank you to this point!.

And now...

I am delighted that you have read this text to the end and have now come to know me a little better :-)

Stefan Edelmann


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